Amanuens position in software art

While software is everywhere in our daily activities, it also is completely invisible. The goal of this work is to reveal the different technical and social strata involved in the construction and execution of software. Artistic representations shall help reveal these invisible mechanisms to the public. This amanuens position in the area of software art [1]. The candidate will explore various media technology (motion picture, sound, light) in order to embody the beauty of software execution into pieces of art.
The student will be involved in the preparation of the CI-art hackathon that will take place in October 2019 [2].
Then, the student will extend our L3-37 browser [3] in order to accentuate the artistic aspect of the project. The web stalker serves as the main inspiration for this project [4]. The key idea here is to reveal the deep structure of web applications and of the modern Internet: dynamic loading of content, wide range of remote servers, intersection of multiple technology.
This work will take place in the software research group of Prof. Benoit Baudry, at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The group investigates technology to observe and transform software execution in order to build more robust software applications. We have also investigated software art in collaboration with media and music students.

This is a one year amanuens position, at 20%.
Contact: Benoit Baudry,

[1] Software art.
[2] Continuous integration art hackathon.
[3] L3-37-Browser.
[4] The web stalker 1997. Project by I/O/D.