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Nov 25

DSpot in the CI

“An Approach and Benchmark to Detect Behavioral Changesof Commits in Continuous Integration” (B. Danglot, M. Monperrus, W. Rudametkin, B. Baudry) had been accepted for publication in the Journal for Empirical Software Engineering.

Nov 24

ChaosMachine in IEEE TSE

A Chaos Engineering System for Live Analysis and Falsification of Exception-handling in the JVM, by L. Zhang, B. Morin, P. Haller, B. Baudry, M. Monperrus has been accepted for publications in the IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering

Aug 27

Software Test Amplification

The landscape of this new research field that we explore in the STAMP project is now accepted for publication in the Journal of Systems and Software: A Snowballing Literature Study on Test Amplification (Benjamin Danglot, Oscar Vera-Perez, Zhongxing Yu, Andy Zaidman, Martin Monperrus, Benoit Baudry)

Jul 19

Java decompilers @ SCAM’19

Our work “The Strengths and Behavioral Quirks of Java Bytecode Decompilers” (Nicolas Harrand, César Soto-Valero, Martin Monperrus and Benoit Baudry) has been accepted for publication and will be presented in October 2019, at SCAM’19.

Jan 31


Our paper Beauty and the Beast: Diverting modern web browsers to build unique browser fingerprints received the CNIL-INRIA award.

Dec 06

PhD opening in Software Engineering: Hardening Software Supply Chains

I am pleased to announce the opening of a PHD position at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), in software technology, with applications to: • software testing • fuzzing • oracle assessment • test amplification • software security The position is supported by the Internet of DevOps project. Contact: Prof. Benoit Baudry, Application: …

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Dec 05

software diversity: 10 papers I love

Software Diversity. 1 concept and 10 papers I love. I gave this talk at the 2nd European Chaos Engineering Day in Stockholm. Design of Self-Checking Software. 1975. System structure for software fault tolerance. 1975. The N-version approach to fault-tolerant software. 1985. Operating system protection through program evolution. 1993. Buidling Diverse Computer Systems. 1997. On the …

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Dec 01

Two postdoc positions in systems and program analysis

Two open postdoc positions at KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), in the area of systems and program analysis with applications to: • code debloating • the JVM • build systems • containers • software security The two positions are supported by the WASP program (, Sweden’s largest individual research program ever. Contact: Prof. …

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Aug 31

ASE 2018

I’ll be in Montpellier next week to give a keynote at the doctoral symposium, present a tutorial and a demo of Descartes and to chair the 10th Symposium on Search-Based Software Engineering.

Jul 14

Configuration testing at ESE journal

Our work “Test them all, is it worth it? Assessing configuration sampling on the JHipster Web development stack” (Axel Halin, Alexandre Nuttinck, Mathieu Acher, Xavier Devroey, Gilles Perrouin, Benoit Baudry) has been accepted for publication in the journal for Empirical Software Engineering.