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Jul 14

Configuration testing at ESE journal

Our work “Test them all, is it worth it? Assessing configuration sampling on the JHipster Web development stack” (Axel Halin, Alexandre Nuttinck, Mathieu Acher, Xavier Devroey, Gilles Perrouin, Benoit Baudry) has been accepted for publication in the journal for Empirical Software Engineering.

Jul 14

Software diversity @ MODELS’18

Our work “Engineering Software Diversity: a Model-Based Approach to Systematically Diversify Communications” (Brice Morin, Jakob H√łgenes, Hui Song, Nicolas Harrand and Benoit Baudry) has been accepted for publication and will be presented in October 2018 in Copenhagen, at MODELS’18.

May 25

KTH amanuens positions in software development

We have a couple of amanuens positions opened to work on Repairnator, DSpot, Descartes and JPerturb. More info is available here and here.

Jan 18

Browser Fingerprinting at WWW’18

Our work “Hiding in the crowd: an analysis of the effectiveness of browser fingerprinting at large scale” (A. Gomez-Boix, P. Laperdrix, B. Baudry) has been accepted at the WWW’18 conference. It will be presented in Lyon, France in APril 2018.

Dec 20

listen to software in Stockholm

Our work “Code{strata} Sonifying Software Complexity” (Denez Thomas, Nicolas Harrand, Bruno Bossis, Benoit Baudry) has been accepted at the International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interactions. It will be showcased at Stockholm’s Kulturhuset in March 2018.

Oct 27

Mutation testing @ EclipseCon

I presented the work we do in STAMP about mutation testing at EclipseCon. The slides are available, as well as the Descartes tool.

Oct 19

Correctness attraction

Our work on “Correctness Attraction: A Study of Stability of Software Behavior Under Runtime Perturbation” (B. Danglot, P. Preux, B. Baudry, M. Monperrus) has been accepted for publication in the Journal Empirical Software Engineering.

Aug 30

Professor at KTH

Since August 1st, I am a WASP Professor in Software Technology at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology

May 15

Randomized Firefox @ ESSoS

“FPRandom: Randomizing core browser objects to break advanced device fingerprinting techniques” (P. Laperdrix, B. Baudry, V. Mishra) has been accepted for publication at ESSoS.

May 15

Domain-specific tracing @ SoSyM

“Advanced and Efficient Execution Trace Management for Executable Domain-Specific Modeling Languages” (E. Bousse, T. Mayerhofer, B. Combemale, B. Baudry) has been accepted for publication in the Journal for Software and Systems Modeling.