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Dec 20

Voir et entendre le logiciel

Ce stage, en collaboration entre l’IRISA de l’Université de Rennes 1 et le laboratoire d’Arts de l’Université de Rennes 2, vise à bâtir un dispositif qui produit une représentation visuelle et sonore du logiciel. A titre d’exemple, des représentations d’objets logiciels / algorithmiques, peuvent être trouvées ici:

Aug 09

STAMP: a new project on test amplification

We are particularly proud to announce the STAMP project, which will start in the fall 2016. It will gather 9 European partners to work on automatic test amplification. STAMP has been selected as part of the EU H2020 call for proposals ICT-10-2016 ‘Software Technologies’. The STAMP consortium gathers the following partners, who contribute a total …

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Jul 08

Benchmark generation at ASE 2016

Our work “Automatic Microbenchmark Generation to Prevent Dead Code Elimination and Constant Folding” (M. Rodriguez-Cancio, B. Combemale, B. Baudry) will presented at ASE 2016.

Jun 13

Compiler testing at QRS

Our work “NOTICE: A Framework for Non-Functional Testing of Compilers” (M. Boussaa, O. Barais, B. Baudry, G. Sunuye) will be presented at QRS 2016.

Apr 28

Test refactoring @ IST

Our work on test refactoring ““B-Refactoring: Automatic Test Code Refactoring to Improve Dynamic Analysis” (Jifeng Xuan, Benoit Cornu, Matias Martinez, Benoit Baudry, Lionel Seinturier, Martin Monperrus) has been accepted in the IST journal.

Mar 07

Browser fingerprinting at S&P 2016

Our work Beauty and the Beast: Diverting modern web browsers to build unique browser fingerprints will presented at S&P 2016.

Sep 23


I’ll present our latest work about software diversity at MIT-CSAIL on Sept 28, 2015.

Sep 04

Browser fingerprinting in MISC magazine (in French)

Our work on the analysis of browser fingerprinting appears in Misc magazine. This paper entitled “Le fingerprinting: une nouvelle technique de traçage” (B. Baudry, P. Laperdrix) appears in September’s issue of the Misc magazine, which targets all IT security professionals.

Aug 17

Software diversity in Comp. Surveys

Our survey on software diversity “The Multiple Facets of Software Diversity: Recent Developments in Year 2000 and Beyond” (Benoit Baudry, Martin Monperrus) has been accepted in the ACM Computing Surveys.

Aug 17

Diversification at ECAL

Our work on “Emergent Robustness in Software Systems through Decentralized Adaptation: an Ecologically-Inspired ALife Approach” (Franck Fleurey, Benoit Baudry, Benoit Gauzens, André Elie, Kwaku Yeboah-Antwi) has been accepted at the European Conference on Artificial Life.