Project coordination


Ecology transfer for more resilient software through spontaneous diversification

The project explores diversity as the foundation for a novel software design principle and increased adaptive capacities in collaborative adaptive systems. Increased diversity in the system provides a pool of software solutions that can eventually be used to adapt to unforeseen situations at design time. The scientific development of DIVERSIFY is based on a strong analogy with ecological systems, biodiversity, and evolutionary ecology. DIVERSIFY brings together an inter-disciplinary consortium from the domains of software-intensive distributed systems and ecology in order to translate ecological concepts and processes into software design principles.

The main innovations of DIVERSIFY in the area of software engineering are principles and mechanisms for the automatic evolution and diversification of software intensive collaborative systems.

investigates the diversification of software for adaptation in collaborative adaptive systems. The project gathers software engineering researchers and ecologists.
I coordinate this project.

DIVERSIFY (2013 – 2016) is funded by the Future Emerging Technologies program of the FP7.