Project participation


New agile software engineering for future computing continuum

The main objective of the HEADS project is to enable the efficient exploitation of the broad diversity of the future computing continuum for rapid service innovation of advanced services, by providing service developers with new agile tool supported software engineering methods enabling short innovation cycles

HEADS (2013-2016) is funded by the European Commission under the FP7.


A Language Workbench for Heterogeneous Modeling and Analysis of Complex Software-Intensive Systems

The project investigates the simulation of heterogeneous domain-specific modeling languages. Heterogeneity is introduced through the ability to compose operational semantics with different models of computation. Benoit Combemale coordinates the whole project.

GEMOC (2012-2016) is funded by the ANR.


Model-driven sytems engineering for Instrumentation and Control

In CONNEXION we investigate methods and tools to (i) automatically analyze and compare regulatory requirements evolutions and geographical differences; (ii) automatically generate test cases for interactive systems in variable environments.

CONNEXION (2012-2016) is funded by the French ministry of industry as part of the investissement d’avenir.


Model-driven development of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, formal methods, service-based mash-ups and application integration, security and performance of SaaS applications

Software engineering for cloud computing.

RELATE (2012-2015) is funded by the ITN Marie Curie Actions


Variability management in languages and system models.

VaryMDE (2011 – 2014) is a bilateral collaboration with Thales