Blogs and press

Technical Blogs

Dynamic Analysis in the Browser. Blog@CACM, 2019.
A journey at the heart of 2.4 million Maven artifacts. Medium, 2019.
code{strata}: the beautiful execution of ctrl-c ctrl-v. Medium, 2019.
Correctness Attraction: A Study of Stability of Software Behavior Under Runtime Perturbation. IEEE Software Blog, 2018.
Short circuiting method executions to assess test quality. Medium, 2018.

In the press

The CASTOR software center has appeared on the kth homepage.

Our work on software test amplification was featured in popular tech magazines Programmez and Linux Magazine.

Our work on diversity against browser fingerprinting and the was featured in the general-audience press: the Clubic magazine published a complete article about our work; it was also mentioned in Le Monde; it was featured on the Radio et Télévision Suisse.