Blogs and press

Authored technical posts

Science-Changing Code Blog@CACM, 2021.
Testing beyond coverage Increment, 2021.
How much third-party Java dependencies do you really need? Medium, 2020.
Dynamic Analysis in the Browser. Blog@CACM, 2019.
A journey at the heart of 2.4 million Maven artifacts. Medium, 2019.
code{strata}: the beautiful execution of ctrl-c ctrl-v. Medium, 2019.
Correctness Attraction: A Study of Stability of Software Behavior Under Runtime Perturbation. IEEE Software Blog, 2018.
Short circuiting method executions to assess test quality. Medium, 2018.

Presence in the press and blogs

Nu har Python passerat Java och C – här är de 50 populäraste språken, in Ingenjören, 2021.
Your digital fingerprint is tracked everywhere online. Brave wants to change that. Appeared on Digital trends, 2021.
Defense in depth: stopping a Wasm compiler bug before it became a problem. Fastly credits the work of Javier for triggering a critical bug in their edge infrastructure, 2021.
What’s Brave Done For My Privacy Lately? . Brave announces that they use the techniques we proposed in FPRandom, 2020.
Framtidens Forskning. Features the Trustfull project, 2021.
Le Monde, Feb 2020. Featuring and our WWW’18 paper
KTH homepage. The CASTOR software center.
Programmez Magazine and Linux Magazine. Articles about software test amplification developer and the STAMP project.
Radio et Télévision Suisse. Interview about browser fingerprinting.
MISC magazine. A popular science article about browser fingerprinting.
Clubic. Features our work about and browser fingerprinting.