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Oct 30

VR grant

My proposal for a new research project in software technology has been accepted by Vetenskapsr├ądet (VR, the Swedish Research Council).

Oct 30

Teknikska Museet

On October 26, 2020, we opened the Pellow audiovisual interactive installation at Tekniska Museet, to let visitors experience the amazing complexity of web browsers.

Oct 30

Debloating accepted in EMSE

A Comprehensive Study of Bloated Dependencies in the Maven Ecosystem (C. Soto-Valero, N. Harrand, M. Monperrus, B. Baudry) has been accepted for publication in the journal for Empirical Software Engineering.

May 14


“Java Decompiler Diversity and its Application to Meta-decompilation“, by Nicolas Harrand, C├ęsar Soto Velero, Martin Monperrus, Benoit Baudry has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Systems and Software

Apr 10

Browser fingerprinting in TWEB

“Browser Fingerprinting: A Survey“, Pierre Laperdrix, Nataliia Bielova, Benoit Baudry, Gildas Avoine has appeared in the April 2020 issue of ACM Transactions on the Web.

Apr 10

Software art at DIS’20

The software art installation ‘re|Traces of Search’, by the rethread collective, has been selected for the DIS2020 Performance and Design Exhibition.

Mar 12

FPRandom in the Brave browser

We’re very happy that the Brave team decided to implement FPRandom and our ideas about canvas rendering randomization, in order to mitigate browser fingerprinting in the Brave browser. Read more

Nov 25

DSpot in the CI

“An Approach and Benchmark to Detect Behavioral Changesof Commits in Continuous Integration” (B. Danglot, M. Monperrus, W. Rudametkin, B. Baudry) had been accepted for publication in the Journal for Empirical Software Engineering.

Nov 24

ChaosMachine in IEEE TSE

A Chaos Engineering System for Live Analysis and Falsification of Exception-handling in the JVM, by L. Zhang, B. Morin, P. Haller, B. Baudry, M. Monperrus has been accepted for publications in the IEEE Transactions of Software Engineering

Aug 27

Software Test Amplification

The landscape of this new research field that we explore in the STAMP project is now accepted for publication in the Journal of Systems and Software: A Snowballing Literature Study on Test Amplification (Benjamin Danglot, Oscar Vera-Perez, Zhongxing Yu, Andy Zaidman, Martin Monperrus, Benoit Baudry)