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Nov 04

The core of popular Java APIs

API Beauty is in the eye of the Clients: 2.2 Million Maven Dependencies reveal the Spectrum of Client-API Usages by Nicolas Harrand, Amine Benelallam, César Soto-Valero, François Bettega, Olivier Barais, Benoit Baudry has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Software and Systems

Aug 12

Trace-based test generation

Production Monitoring to Improve Test Suites by Deepika Tiwari, Long Zhang, Martin Monperrus, Benoit Baudry will appear in the IEEE Transactions on Reliability

Aug 12

Behavior diversity of JSON libraries

The Behavioral Diversity of Java JSON Libraries, by Nicolas Harrand, Thomas Durieux, David Broman, Benoit Baudry, will be presented at ISSRE’2021

May 25

Bloated dependencies over time

A Longitudinal Analysis of Bloated Java Dependencies, César Soto-Valero, Thomas Durieux and Benoit Baudry, accepted for publication at ESEC/FSE’21

May 25

Science-Changing Code

Science-Changing Code Blog@CACM, 2021.

Mar 29

Bloated dependencies Maven

A comprehensive study of bloated dependencies in the Maven ecosystem, co-authored with César Soto-Valero, Nicolas Harrand and Martin Monperrus, has been published in the Empirical Software Engineering journal

Mar 11

Testing beyond coverage

Testing Beyond Coverage, our work on pseudo-tested methods and Descartes is in the Reliability issue of the Increment magazine:

Mar 11

The Sound of Software Tranquillity

The work of Erik Natanael Gustafsson, in collaboration with our software research group, The Sound of Software Tranquillity, has been accepted for publication in the Ruukku artistic research journal

Dec 04

re|thread at Nobel Week Lights

re|thread presents a live visual installation, fueled by real-time Internet traffic. The RFC:675:08 installation is part of the Nobel Week Lights.

Oct 30

VR grant

My proposal for a new research project in software technology has been accepted by Vetenskapsrådet (VR, the Swedish Research Council).